Unleash Your Speed

Have you ever given a thought on why there is a Need For Speed. In this day & age, Speed matters, Distance is a competitive advantage in golf, Other than hitting the ball straight and keeping it on the fairway, What is the one thing an average golfer wants do to off the tee- Hit the ball further.

The Speed Generation Program is designed to improve your swing speed while providing a core muscle workout. This increases performance & improves sequencing in the golf swing to give an extra distance off the tee. We focus on helping you gain 20 yards or more distance in less than 12 weeks.

This Program consists of a series of weekly drills to help you build your speed and gain your potential. For the best results you will need to do each of the drills for the weekly cycles three times per week. It’s time to up the ante with training & home in on the things that will increase your Clubhead Speed and of-course Distance!

Speed Generation Training Protocols:-

  1. Over-train & Under-train
  2. Pull Vs Push Muscles
  3. Accelerate Vs Decelerate
  4. Balance Both Sides

Program Objectives:-

The primary objective of this program is to increase your club head speed. The Program combines our coaches expertise in strength and conditioning with golf’s specific speed system and training tools.

The secondary objective of this program is interlinked with the primary objective which is to improve your overall fitness and health both in general and gold specific terms.

The program will work on your full body focusing on:

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Power 
  • Speed
  • Prevention from injury
  • Cardiovascular Fitness

Types Of Training During The Program:-

1) Force Pedal

The Force Pedal is a unique training aid designed to help golfers to increase their club head speed by training your body to use the ground properly. It focuses on the secret of distance and direction which are Ground Reaction Forces, Glide, Rotate, Torque, Launch, Arm Across the Chest.  Train with The Force Pedal and learn how to use the ground to build force in your golf swing.

2) Rational Power 

Playing golf requires the golfer to master several internal and external techniques to complete a powerful game. This includes everything from the golf club he or she uses, down to the thoughts they process before each swing. The Rational Power Training can help you get all of the things which will benefit your game.This training focuses on

  • Kinematic Sequencing
  • Activate Slings
  • Segmental Stabalization
  • Load & Explode

Achieve Your Speed, Over Deliver & Be Undeniable with our Speed Generation Program