The College Golfer Online Program’s streamlined approach ensure each golfer is both challenged and developing throughout their career. Coaches understand the individualized needs and ability level of each of them and create a semester-long training plan and tournament schedule accordingly. We place a significant emphasis on improving one’s grades, their game and their growth.
Coaches will work with golfers on the following core competencies throughout the year :
  • Technical ( short game, tee shots, putting, approach play, recovery, bunker play)
  • Strategy ( planning, preparation, adaptability, commitment, composure)
  • Physical ( strength, power, posture, speed, stability, flexibility, coordination)
  • Mental ( focus, control, confidence, resilience, reflection)
  • Goals (purpose, action, evaluation, short0term, long-term)
  • Life Skills ( values, discipline, integrity, accountability, character) 
From a technical foundation to on-course strategy to mental toughness and goal setting, Our thorough testing and competition structure allows golfers of every level to identify a clear pathway to achieve their ultimate goals.
Detailed performance reports also offer clarity and transparency on key areas such as driver and approach performance, short-game and putting testing, core competencies both on & off the course  and more.
We offer a wide range of programs for skill levels of all ages. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals for lasting results. Find the program that’s right for you!