Prepare Like a Tour Pro Azata Golf 24th October – 29th October 2021

Prepare Like a Tour Pro Azata Golf 24th October - 29th October 2021


Prepare for Your Big Tournament Like a Tour Player would


Agenda  What we will work on Throughout the Week

Overview - Inside

Overview of the Training Camp what we cover

  1. Understand the Course - Azata Golf

Prevailing Winds - Typical Shots Required-Green Speed

Pin Placements- Challenging Holes - Undulations/Tilt

Things Tour Players Do & Do not do Before Events

Do Not play lots of rounds

Do not Keep Score

Do Not worry how good they play

Do not Negative Self Talk

Do not Get Upset or Mad

Do not Work on New Things

Will not always Hole out

Do not spend 5+ Hours on a Practice round

Do Not take on lots of unrealistic shots

Do not Set High Unrealistic Goals

Do not say they dislike the course before event

Do Take Clear Notes

Do stretch out especially after a Journey to the Venue

Do Spend time on and around the Greens as Putting Underpins Performance

Do Look at creating good angles into Greens & Off Tees

Find Solutions to Holes that might not suit their eye

Putt around Pin Location for event

Hit some shots from the rough to test

Hit some bunker shots to test sand

Decide which Clubs will make up their 14 For event

Chip around greens to note 1st bounce & Release Run out

Will often play just 9 Holes

Do often have a reset Routine

Do create Confidence

Map out each 9 - Yardage Book

Clockwise Anti clockwise

Run Outs

Challenging Pins

Favored shaping

Best Angles

Breaks around Pins

Surprising Breaks

Firmer or Softer greens

Find Your Main Power Source - Range - Online - Chart

Natural Shot shape Bias

Grip R & L

Natural Pivot Matched to Deep Squat

Chipping & Putting Cut Spin Vs Hook Spin

Lofting Vs De Lofting

Compensating Aim

Measured Match ups

Glide -Timing

Rotation - Commitment

Launch - Spin Axis Control

Set Up Open Closed Square

Stretches that work for you - GYm or Range


Tight Areas - Lower Chain

Tight Areas - Upper Chain



Joint Centration

Dial in Distances - Yardage Chart

Carry- Roll outs off Tee

Wind Gap Down Wind vs Against Wind

Pin High always Wins

Approach Windows

Magic Numbers

Performance Tracking- Laptop/Phone app

How Much Noise

Reducing Bogey Trains

Inside 20ft Birdies stat 80/20 Rule

Next Level

Scrambling on a Bad Day

Scrambling on a Good Day- Carry Momentum -How Tour Pros shoot Under

Short Game Secrets - around the greens

Landing Zones

Go To Shots - Toe Strikes - Bump & Run -Texas Wedge - Belly wedge

Rescue/3/5 Wood round the green

Use the Bounce - The Light Touch

Hinge & Hold

Consistent Low Point

Make the Greens Your Home - Putting Green - Course


Make More Putts

Start Line is Key

Pace Control is KING

Tour Pro Drills Gates- Ladders- Wolf-Tennis

Increase Confidence

  • Pre-Program Questionnaire so We can accelerate his understanding of how to improve your game during the  Coaching Program.

  1. What do you believe is the strongest part of your game ?

  2. Which part of your game needs more work ?

  3. What slopes do you find easy

  4. What Slopes do you find hardest - Ball Above - Ball Below- Uphill- Downhill

  5. Which Wind directions are Tough for you

  6. Of the 8 Winds What ones are you Best At ? N (North Into) -NW-W-SW-S (Directly Downwind) SE-E- NE

  7. Describe Your Putting -  Solid- Streaky- Poor- Average- Good Pace putter- Great-

  8. What do you look at when you chip ?

  •  Bio Swing Dynamics Assessment to understand clearly Your Swing DNA and how to apply that to the Golf Course

Are you a Glider


                Launcher  or Combination ?

Which shots work for you under pressure, what needs more work?

What are your 3 Toughest Winds

  • Short Game Testing & Assessment to Benchmark against the Best Players in the Game

Getting Up & Down a lot will reduce your amount of Bogies

Why 6ft & 3ft should be your Magic Distances

Understand your Roll

Building a Bullet Proof stroke Drills

  • TPI Performance Screening including Mobility & Stability Testing

Range Pelvic Mobility & stability through mid End Range

Seated Rotation

Full Deep Squat Tendency

90/90 ext shoulder Rotation Down swing

Glute Strength & Stability Bridge With Leg Extension

Single leg balance Post preference

Glute Med Strength

Hand held Dynamometer to measure Isometric Force

The Idea is to Create Measured Match Ups that work under pressure on the Course

  • Game Forge Analysis to See exactly where your Game stands

Show Progress from Averaging 78 to 74 in events

Start from Noise and work Back down to source

Typically Players shooting Mid to High 80’s have too Much Noise

Player Benchmarking to Focus on the biggest Gains

  • Mapping-
Course Winds- Run Outs- Magic Numbers- Lay up distances -Shot Recall- Pin Calibration - Green run offs- Chip/pitch optimal Elevation - Common Distances -Pace Calibration-
Join the Growing Number of Successful Professionals & Amateurs who have benefited from our Methods

Mark Macrae


PGA of Great Britain QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL 1997 Professional Golf Studies FdSc 3 Year Foundation Degree





TPI JUNIOR 2 Certified

KVest 3D Certified 1&2


GAME FORGE Game Management Certified


DIRECTOR International Junior Academy Sotogrande Spain 2 Years

10 National Champions Trained Winning more than a Dozen National Opens

Russia 2 Players, Hungary, Estonia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Macedonia,Serbia, Morocco, England, Italy U 18,Spain U16