College Golfer WAGR Series -National Golf Resort-Klaipeda-Lithuania – Prepare Like A Tour Pro

College Golfer WAGR Series -National Golf Resort-Klaipeda-Lithuania - Prepare Like A Tour Pro


Join Us for College Golfer WAGR Series #5
In Association with
National Golf Resort Lithuania

16th & 17th August 2021 -Included in the Package


-Prepare for Your Big Tournament Like a Tour Player would, make the right Notes, Understand the Prevailing winds, Check Run Outs, Shot Shapes plus much more

- Take our Pre-Program Questionnaire so We can accelerate our understanding of how
to improve your game during the 12 hour (2Days) Coaching Program. Expectations, current Game status and seeing how we can Match your game up to suit the course you will play- Because not all golf courses are the same

-Bio Swing Dynamics Assessment to understand clearly Your Swing DNA and
how to apply that to the Golf Course. Certain shots work better on certain courses, once we measure using our Revolutionary Bio Swing System, we can see what you doing against what will work best. On top of that you will have some great stuff to take away, work on and improve your game!

-Short Game Testing & Assessment to Benchmark against the Best Players in
the Game.  Because Great Short underpins Great Scoring. Find out which shots work well for that week & that Golf Tournament. We will show you how.

-TPI Performance Screening including Mobility & Stability Testing. That stands for Titleist Performance Institute where the world's best players go to get checked out Physically. If there is a limitation holding you back, we will find it and provide you with the tools to improve it going forwards. We will test you and give you Body Preps to Improve.

  • Game Forge Analysis to See exactly where your Game stands.  Opinions can change like the wind. We will provide you with Facts based on your rounds in Tournaments where it matters. Once we accept where we are we can move forwards & get Better!

- You will receive our Player Performance Workbooks to
take away to give you structure to progress throughout the whole season.

Are you an ambitious club player who would like to receive and enjoy the
same training experience normally afforded to Tour Pro’s only?

                                                                  Green Fees & Range Balls Included

WELL NOW CAN WITH College Golfer Series "Prepare Like a Tour Pro Camps"

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College Golfer WAGR Series #5
Golf National Golf Resort Lithuania
Strokeplay 54 Holes Day 1 -36 Holes, Day 2 -18 Holes
Date 18th /19th August 2021
Mixed Amateur Open to All Ages Mixed
Handicap Limit 24