Golf course management training is in high demand to fill positions at golf courses, recreational facilities and resorts. Golf Course Management Programs at College For Golfer Online prepare students with the essential business knowledge necessary to succeed in the growing golf hospitality industry.

If you want to call the greens your home and turn your passion into a golf course management career, here’s what you need to know.

Course Management Program:

Think about the best players in the world. What do they all have in common? They Make great decisions on the Golf Course, this makes their game run smoother.

The Best Players At The Course are:

  • Well Prepared
  • They will know where the trouble is on the course
  • They will help you commit to the best lines
  • Will evaluate “Risk vs Reward” Scenarios
  • Take into account “Course Conditions”
  • Give Clear Advice 
  • Empower Their Players, bringing out your Best Mindset
  • Practice Rounds Winds & Golden Number Distances
  • Have The Straight Zero Putt Line.

Our golf course management programs provide students with a thorough understanding of the business side of golf facilities and operations. As amateur players we often do not have our own Tour Caddy so we have to be our own Caddy in Tournaments . This course covers a wide variety of golf course management issues. Students learn how to keep records, manage employees, structure their time and attend to customers. Aspiring golf course managers learn about course procedures, pro shop operations and tee times. The course may also touch on basic methodologies for golf instructors.


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